Sony a6400 mirrorless camera

The Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera shines bright amongst a sea of other competitors. At a starting price of around $900, this camera is super-solid and worth every penny it costs. 

If you’re considering buying the A6400 or even if you have one already, you probably would like to know more about this camera’s full capabilities so that you can get it to its fullest potential. 

You’ll find useful information on a Sony A6400 blog. The blog covers essential details from in-depth and insightful reviews to comparisons and reviews of compatible lenses and accessories. 

Sony a6400 blog

Sony A6400 FAQs

We’ll be brief with this. But here are a few of the questions we frequently get asked about the Sony A6400;


  • Is the Sony A6400 suitable for beginners?

The Sony A6400 is more than capable of handling your photographic needs as a beginner. The capabilities are enormous, and it’s relatively easy to use as well. 


  • Should a professional photographer use the Sony A6400?

The A6400 is an excellent option for beginner photographers ad hobbyists. But the 24MP camera with its APS-C sensor is also a decent camera for pro photographers looking for a compact and lightweight backup camera.  


  • Is the Sony A6400 waterproof?

This mirrorless Sony comes in a weather-sealed body. The camera is well-protected from dust and harsh environmental conditions, and water splash, among other things.


  • What lens should I buy with the Sony A6400?

The A6400 is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera and supports a wide variety of lenses. It uses a Sony E lens mount compatible with 122 native lenses, 30 of which have image stabilization features. 


The Sony A6400 has a lot of features that will impress photographers and vloggers. But if you want to know more about this camera’s potential and capabilities, you should consider checking out camera blogs or a dedicated Sony A6400 blog for deeper insights.