The Canon T7i is one of the best cameras for beginners in the photography business and for all the add-ons that it actually has, without one of these, you won’t be capable of using the camera at the 100% of its capacity.

best Canon T7i zoom lenses


The most useful product are the lens, which allows the camera to get a better image quality. They are divided in different types like zoom lenses or prime lenses. Let’s talk about the zoom option and which is the best Canon T7i zoom lenses.

Canon EFS 17-55 mm F2.8 Zoom Lens:

If we’re talking about the best zoom lens for the Canon T7i then it can’t be other than this model. In general, it’s the best lens for all the different benefits that it offers to the user, starting with the fast execution speed, which gives a more comfortable experience while you’re handling the camera, and what can we say about the image quality?

You don’t have to worry about it, because it offers a refreshing High Definition quality and resolution to the images and videos with a fine focal length range. The form of this lens is sophisticated and also functional, with the ring-type USM you will get a quick and accurate autofocus along with the manual focus override that is also included, all this for an affordable price (if we compare it to others lens) of $549 on Amazon. If you’re searching for quality then this is your model, however, if you can’t afford it then you can choose the next one, which is a little cheaper than this.

Canon EFS 18-135 mm F3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens:

If you don’t have the exact amount of money that is required to obtain the previous lens, then don’t worry, because there is a cheaper option, which is the Canon EFS 18-135 mm model. Sure it can’t zoom as good as the EFS 17-55 mm, but the difference is minimal, you should see the good things that this lens has, first, the contrast, colors and sharpness is way better in large prints (in small prints you won’t see a big difference).

And it’s also a better option if you’re going to record more videos than photos, because the STM technology makes it a better and more reliable option, this also affects the audio and the smooth of the video in a positive way. All of this sounds good, but how much does it cost? Is it cheaper than other lens, we’re talking only about $184, a great deal if you want your zoom lens right now or if you don’t want to spend so much money in add-ons like these.

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